Soumac’s Wow Technology Blog – Drones

Up until recently, drones had been seen as somewhat of a flight of fancy – and most still are. However, the opportunities posed from the evolving technology mean that it’s getting harder to deny that they’ll soon become commonplace in our skies. Some of the biggest industry players are all joining the revolution, coming up […]

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Third Annual Soumac Award Begins

Have you entered your electronics project for the Soumac Award 2017? We are pleased to join forces with the University of Southampton, Southampton Solent University and University of Portsmouth to announce the launch of the annual Soumac Award for 2017!   2015 Soumac Award Winners The competition is open to all students, so enter for […]

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Soumac’s Wow Technology Blog – Driverless Cars

When one considers the top ‘wow’ technology being developed currently, driverless technology in the automotive industry has to be on the list. Despite concerns from various groups within society, it is just a matter of time before self-driving cars become an everyday reality. The ever-growing list of manufacturers getting stuck into research and development merely […]

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Soumac’s Wow Technology Blog – Microsoft HoloLens

Image courtesy of Microsoft HoloLens © At Soumac, we are always on the lookout for emerging technologies that could give us an insight into the future. One thing that has caught our attention in recent months is the opportunity to touch the future. Where Google Glass had previously failed, Microsoft HoloLens looks poised to succeed […]

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