Soumac’s WOW Technology Blog – Electric Roads

As the move towards greener transport becomes an ever more viable option, electric cars are proving increasingly popular, with more than 145,000 now on UK roads. However, as with any new technology, these cars have their limitations – the biggest being that currently, the average electric car can only travel up to 100 miles on […]

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Soumac’s WOW Technology Blog – Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been a buzzword in the tech world for several years now, but what does it actually mean? In short, artificial intelligence refers to ‘the theory and development of computer systems, which are able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence ‘ – but this definition is very vague, and can cover anything […]

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Soumac’s WOW Technology Blog – Body Powered Technology

The days of multiple leads and chargers could soon be over according to new research published in the Nano Energy journal by US and Chinese scientists; who are suggesting that we may be able to use our bodies to power our electrical devices. How does it work? Using a small metallic tab, known as a […]

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Soumac attend another busy SMS show

The beginning of February saw Soumac head to the brand new, purpose built FIVE building in Farnborough, to exhibit at the renowned Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Exhibition show; where more than 600 companies were in attendance, showcasing the latest technology and services across the industry. This year’s exhibition marked Soumac’s 10th anniversary at the show, […]

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