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Soumac’s WOW Blog: Digital twins

‘Digital twins’ are the latest much talked-about technology trend. Imagine having an exact copy of yourself, that only exists in the digital world, which is designed to improve you and give you feedback. Current world Currently everything that exists in the world is being replicated digitally. Plans are to create a digital twin of yourself […]

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22 Bishopsgate

Soumac’s WOW Blog: Smart Buildings to Change our Experience at Work

From the outside, 22 Bishopsgate blends in with the regular, glossy, glass and metal-cladded skyscrapers of London’s skyline. However, this particular building is unlike the rest. It’s actually much smarter. Standing at 278m tall, 22 Bishopsgate (also known as Twentytwo) houses not only 12,000 members of staff but also the latest office technology across all […]

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Soumac’s WOW Blog: Getting a Feel for Bionic Tech

Amputation surgery and prosthetic limbs have been around since the dawn of human medicine. In fact, the first recorded use of an artificial limb dates back to the fifth Egyptian Dynasty (2750 BC), where a prisoner who escaped his shackles by cutting off his foot was provided with a wooden substitute. Of course, amputation surgery […]

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Xiaomi’s remote charging technology

Soumac’s WOW Blog: Waving Goodbye to Charging Pads and Cables

Over the past decade, technology has continued to shrink, and more devices have become portable and powered by batteries. Despite huge advancements in technology, including battery life, many devices still require a cable to be charged, which seems peculiar, considering technology firms’ obsession with everything being ‘wireless’. We are all too familiar with the struggles […]

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