All of our PCB assemblies are 100% inspected using visual inspection or automated optical inspection (AOI), as requested.

Our AOI process scans the populated board using a wide range of algorithms to check solder joints, and verify the correct assembly of all the electronics, including:

  • Component offset
  • Component polarity
  • Component presence or absence
  • Component skew
  • Excessive solder joints
  • Flipped component
  • Height defects
  • Insufficient paste around leads
  • Insufficient solder joints
  • Lifted leads
  • No population tests
  • Severely damaged components
  • Solder bridges
  • Tombstoning
  • Volume defects
  • Wrong Part

X-Ray Inspection

With the increasing usage of packages such as BGAs (ball grid array), where the connections are underneath the chip and not visible, ordinary optical inspection is challenging. With the use of the Vantage EXR 100 real-time high resolution X-Ray system, we test for bridging, shorts and the consistency of solder balls. This gives you peace of mind that the assembly has been completed to the highest quality. As standard, we archive all x-ray images for our customers.