Soumac’s WOW Blog: Smart Buildings to Change our Experience at Work

From the outside, 22 Bishopsgate blends in with the regular, glossy, glass and metal-cladded skyscrapers of London’s skyline. However, this particular building is unlike the rest. It’s actually much smarter.

Standing at 278m tall, 22 Bishopsgate (also known as Twentytwo) houses not only 12,000 members of staff but also the latest office technology across all 62 storeys.

Making Offices Smarter

Unlike traditional office buildings of this size, Twentytwo does not have a manned reception desk nor regular card-activated turnstiles.

Instead, Bluetooth beacons recognise when an employee enters the building.

But how…

Every employee has access to the Twentytwo app, which acts as a control hub, allowing workers to control certain aspects of the building, from lighting and air con to air purity and door locks.

If you are visiting Twentytwo, you will be provided with a QR code to scan at the gate which will let you in.

Locking Up and Going Down

The technological ingenuity doesn’t stop at fancy turnstiles.

For those who are arriving at Twentytwo via bicycle, the app will let you know not just if bike spaces are available within the building, but which ones.

As the app is personalised to each employee, once you’ve contactlessly made your way through the main foyer and to the row of elevators, the Bluetooth beacons will tell the elevator which floor you need to stop on, saving you the need to click any buttons.


Powerful AI has been installed in the building that spends time learning trends so that it can automatically alter the heating and lighting to improve energy efficiencies.

Of course, all of this can be manually controlled from the Site Manager’s office, where a giant touchscreen panel on the wall allows staff to change settings for each floor or even room.

The Soumac View

The technology found within 22 Bishopsgate certainly makes working life easier, especially for those who are digitally inclined.

We applaud the mammoth planning and implementation that went into building Twentytwo, especially calibrating the sensors and ensuring everything works in unison.

Initially, the thought of Bluetooth beacons tracking employees’ movement and controlling lifts and doors did seem more of a gimmick. However, in the current COVID-19 climate, this technology works to protect people’s health, limiting the number of touchpoints around the office.

We are interested to see how other offices will implement similar technologies moving forward, however, maybe at a much smaller scale.

About Soumac

At Soumac, we love to see the technological developments being made across all sectors and are always on hand to support businesses with their printed circuit board assembly needs to help bring their ideas to life.

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