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Soumac’s WOW Technology Blog – Robotics

Now that robots are more science than fiction, we thought we would take a look at what developments are being made globally to bring us closer to an autonomous world. New uses of technology are starting to greatly assist the healthcare, agriculture and manufacturing industries, so we are focusing on these sectors to see the […]

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Soumac’s Engineering Design Show 2017 Round-Up

The Soumac team were delighted to be joined by thousands of design engineers at the Ricoh Arena for the UK’s biggest design event last week. Taking place alongside the Electronics and Embedded Design Shows, the Engineering Design Show was a great opportunity for us to explore the latest in emerging British technologies and techniques. We’d […]

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Soumac’s Wow Technology Blog – Graphene

© 2014 magicalhobo Graphene, described as the ‘wonder material of the 21st century’, is a two-dimensional, 1 atom thick lattice that originates from graphite. The ultra-light lattice has been around for a long time; however, it wasn’t until 2004 that scientists Konstantin Novoselov and Andrew Geimat, from the University of Manchester, discovered how to isolate […]

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Soumac’s Wow Technology Blog – Drones

Up until recently, drones had been seen as somewhat of a flight of fancy – and most still are. However, the opportunities posed from the evolving technology mean that it’s getting harder to deny that they’ll soon become commonplace in our skies. Some of the biggest industry players are all joining the revolution, coming up […]

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