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Printed Circuit Board Assembly –
Procurement and Materials Control Procurement


We welcome enquiries for Printed Circuit Board Assembly, whether for assembly of free-issue parts or for supply of your bill of materials (BOM).

We have worked with our suppliers for over a decade and see them as an extension of our workforce. ISO 9001 certified, fully compliant ESD safe and bonded, you can be assured of our ability to perform under stringent quality standards throughout the supply chain.

With our trusted and approved suppliers, we are able to locate global inventories and acquire hard to find components, saving you time and giving you the peace of mind that your components came from a genuine source and have full traceability.

Bare Boards

All of our bare boards are manufactured in the UK (up to 16 layers), substrates including:

  • CEM1

  • FR4

  • IMS (Insulated Metal Substrates)

  • Thermal Clad

  • PTFE

  • Polyimide

  • Flexible and flex-rigid PCBs


Tooling is a critical part of the assembly process. We understand that a stencil is far more than just a thin metal sheet with apertures, which is why we only source stencils from our trusted supplier who has over a decade's experience engineering stencils and over a 100,000 stencils manufactured, we ensure solder paste optimisation.

Material Control

By managing the materials control, we synchronise components scheduling to minimise the risk of production delays, freeing up your time and ultimately reducing your internal costs.

Offering a secure (bonded) store, electrostatic discharge protection and moisture control, not only do we protect your intellectual property but we protect the integrity of your assemblies.

Our Goods Inwards check parts received for correct labelling and quantity against your BOM, maintaining full traceability of parts supplied.

Moisture Control

To protect certain devices from ingress of moisture, we use baking ovens and dry storage.

Get in touch

Please contact us to discuss your project, or submit your files to with any special build instructions. We’ll be in touch shortly.

Contact us to discuss your PCB requirements
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