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State-of-the-art PCB equipment


We are a Hampshire based Contract Electronic Manufacture with a dedicated team of experienced Assembly Technicians. We also have 5 Essemtec pick and place machines, with technologies that combine leading placement precision, with speed and flexibility, and a combined capacity of 25,000 cph.


The Paraquda:

As part of our continual improvement policy we have invested in the Essemtec Paraquda, with its ultra precise accuracy and vast component range spanning 01002 resistors to 80x70mm components. Designed for low-mid volume/high mix production, we offer flexible production with accurate and consistent results.


FLX2020 and 3 x CLM9000
Pick and Place


DEK 248 CE Screen-printer:

Our surface mount screen printer is supported by DEK printing technology with camera alignment for exact XY positioning and consistent results.

Screen Frame Size: 23” x 23” (external)

Print Area: 15” x 17”


2 x RO400C Reflow Oven:

We have two conveyor reflow ovens suitable for lead-free or leaded solder.

Process width: 400mm


IR-E3 Evolution:

The IR-E3 Evolution is specifically designed to be ultra accurate when reworking PCB assemblies. It provides extremely high levels of profiling and process control, necessary for effective rework of even the most advanced packages, including BGAs, CSPs and QFNs.


Vantage EXR 100 X-Ray System

We are able to test for bridging, shorts and the consistency of solder balls in packages such as BGAs, where traditional inspections are challenging. The system also allows us to identify counterfeit components.


VC 4018 Temperature and Climate Test Chamber:

We have invested in a test chamber to pre-qualify newly designed or repaired products for our customers to achieve higher reliability in the field. The chamber has a 190 Litre capacity, a broad temperature range of -42 C to 180 C and a humidity capability of 10 to 98% RH between +10 C to +94 C.

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