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More than 20 years experience in Electronic Unit and Printed Circuit Board Testing


Here at Soumac, we can provide solutions for all types of industrial electronics.

Testing assemblies is very much a customer-specific requirement and relates to the complexity and functionality of each board or electronic unit. Using product-specific test methods or customer tests, we can establish problems and help determine causes.

We work with customers to produce, when specified, Special To-Type Test Equipment (STTE) to test electronic functionality, but equally, we can use customer-supplied test equipment.

Environmental Test Chamber (Stress Test)

Our inhouse environmental test chamber helps pre-qualify your PCB or electronic equipment by artificially replicating the conditions under which they might be exposed. This helps establish reliability, measure failure and analyse causes.

Our chamber has a 190 litre capacity, with a temperature range of -40c to +180c and a humidity range of 10% to 98% RH (climate range from +10c to +94c).


Counterfeit parts pose a risk of not performing to specification or failing in the field. We ensure part authenticity by only purchasing components from our trusted distributors who have good control of their supply chain.

If you have products that aren’t performing to specification, we offer a cost-effective repair and rework service.

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If you need to test a PCB or electronic unit, contact us below or on 023 9267 9200 or email us at

You may also be interested in our PCB Assembly and PCB Repair services.

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