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Soumac WOW blog – The best new tech from IFA 2019

After CES, IFA is arguably the next biggest technology show – offering companies and consumers a glimpse at what the future of technology may look like. From even smarter TVs to a medical exoskeleton that can help rehabilitate people with spinal injuries – there was plenty to get excited about at this year’s IFA exhibition in Berlin, Germany.

In our latest WOW blog, we take a look at some of the standout new tech from IFA 2019:

1.ExoAtlet’s ecoskeleton

For people with spinal injuries or medical conditions, rehabilitation can be a timely and costly road to recovery. However, Russian company ExoAtlet, are hoping to ease this journey with their ecoskeleton.  When attached to the body, the motorized skeleton allows people with spinal issues to move freely, allowing the individual to work on their motor skills. Sales of the ecoskeleton began in 2016 and the technology is already being used in Russian and South Korean hospitals – with the hope that the product will soon launch in America once it’s received the go ahead from the FDA.

2.Aalto Explorer – underwater drone

Described as “the first community-controlled vehicle & platform for underwater exploration” the Aalto Explorer isn’t just for scientists – members of the public can also watch the footage filmed by a 360° camera attached to a drone online. What’s more, if you have access to VR equipment, you’ll be able to use it to explore the footage in even more depth.

The Aalto Explorer is comprised of three components:

Find-X 0 – the Underwater Drone

Floating Module – to support Find-X

Aalto Explorer platform – where members of the public can access and control the drone through the online platform

3.Cybic E-Legend – the Alexa-enabled bike

The Cybic E-Legend is the world’s first electric bicycle with Amazon Alexa built in; providing cyclists with everything they could need from a music audio system, to directions and maps. What’s more, the touchscreen attached to the handlebars allows users to get the latest weather updates and send texts mid-cycle. From a safety perspective, the bike also has crash sensors and LED lights and indicators.

4.Amazon’s OLED Fire TV

Amazon have teamed up with German manufacturer Grundig to develop its latest high tech TV – the OLED Fire TV.  The biggest difference between this edition and previous Fire TV’s is the screen; this is the first OLED TV developed by Amazon, whereas previous models have been LED. Previously OLED TV’s have been extremely expensive; however, now that Amazon has teamed up with a budget manufacturer to bring OLED TVs to the mainstream at a more realistic price, it’s only a matter of time until everyone has one.

5.Nokia 2720 Flip

With more and more of us getting frustrated with smartphones and wanting to reconnect with the “real world”, Nokia have tapped into this with the rebirth of the flip phone. The phone comes with a basic MP4 player, 2-megapixel camera too, and a removable 1500mAh  battery that can last up to 27 days on standby! So while this phone certainly won’t be for  everyone, if you’re looking to cut down on the amount of time spent on your phone, this may be the one for you.

Once again, IFA 2019 managed to excite many with the possibilities of future tech in the consumer electronics industry, but as always, it’s difficult to predict how many will actually successfully make it onto the mainstream market. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with the latest!


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