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Soumac’s WOW Blog: The Smart Swimming Googles Putting The ‘Tech’ into Technique

We’ve all been swimming and lost track of how many lengths we have swum, how long we’ve been in the pool and wondered how many calories we have burnt.

The introduction of smartwatches, such as the Apple Watch and Garmin Vivo has enabled swimmers to view these stats with just a flick of the wrist. However, smartwatches still have some way to go as their ‘wake up’ function is not as seamless as it could be and requires swimmers to either stop moving temporarily to check their device, affecting their time.

FORM Swim is an American technology firm, founded by ex-competitive swimmer, Dan Eisenhardt. The company designs smart swim goggles which are designed to deliver the most important swim metrics, right before your eyes.

smart swimming goggles

The smart goggles provide accurate, real-time performance data such as your lap time, stroke rate, pace, distance, calories burnt and heart rate.

Syncing to the FORM Swim app, as well as most smartwatches, FORM’s high-tech goggles allow you to track your swims and connect with your friends and family on training apps such as Strava.

FORM’s smart goggles use augmented reality to display these key statistics as an overlay to your vision. Powered by a small onboard computer found inside a black box firmly mounted to the side of one of the lenses, these goggles don’t look out of place when compared to traditional goggles.

With a two-button setup and 16 hours of battery life, FORM’s goggles are waterproof up to 32ft or 9.7m and can be used in both swimming pools and open water.

The Soumac View

The advancement of AR technology in recent years is nothing short of amazing and we are excited to see how augmented reality will be used alongside other technologies to make our lives easier.

At Soumac, we love to see the technological developments being made across all sectors and are always on hand to support businesses with their printed circuit board needs to help bring their ideas to life.

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