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University of Portsmouth’s finalists announced for Soumac Award

The Soumac Award was launched back in 2014, recognising the importance of passion and enthusiasm for the electronics industry. Following the success from teaming up with the Electronics and Computer Science department at the University of Southampton, Soumac took the opportunity to work with the University of Portsmouth to recognise the student talent within the local University.

To be in with a chance of securing the Soumac Award 2015, Portsmouth students were asked to submit a project that utilises PCBs or impacts the electronics industry. They needed to demonstrate professional technical skills and an innovative use of technology.

After a high calibre selection of entries, two finalists who epitomised the spirit of the Soumac Award stood out.

Our first finalist is Renata Costa who attends the University of Portsmouth as a Communication Systems undergraduate. After moving to England from Brazil in 2005, Renata joined Tragus Holdings Ltd Group where she developed her knowledge and experience in management and customer service. She joined the University of Portsmouth in 2011 to pursue a Bachelor of Engineering degree, where she has improved her problem solving and self-management skills. For Renata’s final year project, she is challenging her technical knowledge of signal processing and hardware design.

Our second finalist is Christian Mesmar. He is a MEng Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering student, currently studying in his third year at the University of Portsmouth. Through his extra-curricular activities, Christian has developed an extensive knowledge and passion for the television broadcasting industry, working with local and university-run television stations in both technical and managerial roles. Christian hopes to further his path in television broadcasting and provide innovative solutions for the future of the industry.

As part of the Soumac Award, Soumac will be tracking the progress of both our finalists’ projects.

Stay tuned for details of Renata and Christian’s projects!

Renata Costa


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